Zeppie’s Pool World

Zeppie is a crazy swimmer.  She jumps in the pool the second the pool gate is opened.  She goes into her own world while in the pool.  She jumps in, splashes as she swims and tries to bite her splashes.  She swims around for about 30 seconds, gets out of the pool, and jumps in again, and does the same thing over and over.  Sometimes she jumps off the first step, and sometimes jumps off the side of the pool.  She also goes up to the highest step and splashes around left to right and back and forth biting at her own splashes.  Often she drinks too much water and pukes.  She pays absolutely no attention to anybody else in the pool.  She has a blast in her own world.

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I am Dan, this is my website. I started this website because I LOVE ANIMALS !!!