Great Times With Dogs

My Dog Jessie is the Best Part Of My Day
This morning I woke up late, took a cold shower and got soap in my eye. Then had a crappy microwave breakfast, grabbed a cold cup of coffee and ran out the door. Spilled my coffee on my new pants in the car and was late to work. After a long miserable day at work, with the boss yelling at me all day I head home. The car is not running right and leaking oil. Sitting in traffic for 45 minutes and I have to stop for gas. I get home and walk through the door and Jessie grabs his ball, runs up to me with his tail wagging as happy as can be. He gives me some slobbery kisses, and I think to myself “this is day is not so bad.”


My Dog Deuce Is My Best Friend
Deucie is the best! He always wants to hangout with me no matter what I’m doing. He’s always in a good mood and can make me smile any time, any where. He loves to play, he is strong and fast and catches the ball when I throw it at him. He chases his own tail, sometimes he gets it, sometimes he don’t. He is my best friend!


Took Claire to the Duck and Decanter For Dinner
Claire and I stepped out for a bite to eat. We chomped on some chow, and gargled some grog. She was an excellent dinner date, well mannered and gracious. She flirted with the waiter a little bit, but that’s because he had a pork chop, so I let it slide. lol She ate everything on her plate, and never complained about anything. After dinner we went home, cuddled up, and I got some kisses. It was a perfect evening.


Odie is the most athletic dog I’ve ever seen. She can hike any mountain and climb any peak. She can run and jump and play higher, longer and faster than anybody in the world. She can climb up and over a 6 foot block wall. She can catch a tennis ball, football and Frisbee. She is as fast as lightning and as strong as thunder. At the lake I can throw a rock as far as I can, she will swim out to the spot where the rock hit the water, dive to the bottom and grab a rock and bring it back. Not the same rock, but it’s still pretty cool. This girl is amazing!


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