About Us

“The Paw Says It All”
“THE PAW” means love for animals in general. All things pet related. The super happy attitudes animals have – How your dog acts when he is getting in the car to go the park. When your cat boxes your dog’s nose. The unconditional love you and your pets have for each other. The paw should bring a smile to your face. When you think of the paw, you think of your pets. Either all that stuff, or the paw can mean a dog’s foot. BOL (bark out loud)

We are Dan & Diane we live in North Phoenix and go to Grover’s Park at Grovers and 7av. We have 7 dogs – Bo, Raider, Bambi & Muffin, Taco, Zepplin (Zeppie), JoJo and one cat Graycie. We have a full house and usually a pretty chaotic, but fun atmosphere around the here. We go to the park quite a bit when its cool out and are available for play dates. In the summer we go in the pool a lot.

This is a privately owned website, so there are no outside influences to take focus away from our main goal help out these animals and do our best to make sure they live long, healthy, happy lives. All the businesses and services on this site are privately owned by people in the local Phoenix community.

Bio for OUR FAMILY: Raider, Bo, Taco, Bambi, Muffin, Zeppie, JoJo, Orange Juice & Graycie-May


My Boys
Raider: Let me tell you a little bit about Raider. This charming chap is the happiest guy in the world, he’s a Golden so he is genetically encoded with a super fun loving attitude. He is the kind of boy that that travels full speed 6 feet across the kitchen, he will sprint as fast as he can for 5 feet then jam on the brakes and slide another 4 feet. He crashes into a lot of things and other animals all the time. Lol He loves the dog park too, he chases balls all day long. He’s a high swimmer and splashes a lot, not the fastest swimmer, but he’s a gamer. Likes the lake more than the pool. But he’s the kind of boy that could have a great time anywhere, anytime with anybody. Raider is constantly in a state of 100% readiness for fun, with one flinch of a muscle, he’s bouncing off the walls. He had a little weight problem last year, but we changed his diet and exercised him a lot, now he’s lean n mean(but nice) All it takes to get Raider riled up is double pointy finger guns. Raider’s nick name is Mushroom cause he is such a fun guy(fungi)

Bo: Bo is a Blond Lab, he’s a very good boy. This strong fellow loves loves loves to swim. We couldn’t get him in the pool for his first year or 2, then once we got him in, we couldn’t get him out. He’s a great swimmer, he’s faster than Michael Phelps. Haha When he cant get to the lake or the pool, he likes the dog park where he hordes tennis balls and walks around till he finds a sucker to pet him. The he will stand next to the person petting him with 2 or 3 tennis balls in his mouth and is as happy as can be. He likes to run around and stuff too of course. Bo has to be dragged out of the park and lake. He’s unusually focused on his 2 favorite things.

Taco: Taco is a cool little guy(min-pin), he’s only 6 pounds with a full belly. Because this happy little dude is so small, he travels well. Diane is always taking him to stores and places around town. He has a little carrying case the size of a lady’s purse, and he is as happy as can be. He loves to bark, I guess he is strengthening his voice for his singing debut on American Idol. Haha He is so cute, he’s a Yo Quiero Taco Bell kind of dog. He gets so excited when Diane comes home, he bounces and spins and makes little squeaky sounds like a mouse. Then he runs around the house after her with his tiny little bowed legs moving so quickly on such an excited little guy. I have never seen such a fast tight bond that Taco formed to Diane, seems like he really needed someone.

My Girls
Bambi: (Bam-Bam): She is a statuesque beauty, Chihuahua mixed with I don’t know what, and is a very pretty little girl, she’s tall, lean , muscular and incredibly athletic, about 24 pounds. She is super fast and has the agility of a cat or Darrelle Revis. I would like to get her to do an obstacle course, I bet she would be great. She’s pretty strong for her size too, and very energetic and loves to run around at the park. She seems like she would be standoffish, but she is a little social butterfly at the park. If she sees someone with a hand(most people have) lol she will act all cute and get the person to pet her, then casually roll over getting belly rubs. She’s real sneaky like that. Bam-Bam gives good kisses!

Muffin: Muffin and Bambi are sisters from the same litter but they look very different. This chunky monkey is a very pretty girl, she is short, long and thick. She is very, very muscular and strong, about 24 pounds. Her power to weight ratio is like a GSXR 1500 Haha I asked someone at the dog park to hold her leash for a minute, and the guy sad “oh my god, she’s incredibly strong.” I was like “yea that’s my girl J look at her shoulders and butt, with a very low center of gravity.” She’s so thick that when she lays on her side, her upper paws don’t touch the ground. Muffin gives good kisses and is my special cuddle girl!

JoJo: JoJo is also my sister’s Jack Russell Terrier mix, well actually my brother’s dog. My brother and sister used to live together. JoJo started out as my brother’s girl, but when he moved out of her house, he couldn’t take her with him, so she stayed with my sister. That worked out pretty well because JoJo and Zeppie are super-best friends. JoJo thinks Zeppie is her Mama. JoJo is a very cute little girl. She is super energetic and barks and runs around and jumps up and down a lot. She’s only about 15-20 pounds but she thinks she’s a hundred pounds. She loves the pool too. As soon as I take my shoes off she starts going nuts. By the time we get to the pool gate, she’s barking like crazy acting like lunatic. She loves to play ball in the pool !!

Zeppie: Zeppie is technically my sister’s girl, but she is unable to take care of Zeppie at this time, so she’s staying with us. She’s a pretty little pit. She has a super loving and fun personality and loves to give kisses. She’s very playful in every environment. But her favorite place is the pool. I wrote a whole post about her on this website. Click this link to read more -Zeppie’s Pool World.

Graycie-May: This pretty little lady is gray and white with great big beautiful eyes. Sister of Juice born on 6-15-15, she is very young too, and very happy and playful. She is not quite as roundbunctious as her brother. Apparently both kitties are computer programmers because after walking around on my keyboard, they are able to do some pretty wild things. They have renamed my files and changed many settings they spell words incorrectly and then do a spell check plus other crazy stuff. Both kitties get lose running around corners on the tile floors all the time full speed, they need grippier tires. She’s a cuddlier too.

That is our mid-sized family 7-1-2 – 7 dogs, 1 cats, 2 people. We are all very happy healthy and playful. I will definitely be adding to our profiles and adding funny stories, pics and videos.