WELCOME FRIENDS to our new Free Petworking Website, 100% about pets.  Feel free to look around the site and please register if you like it.  We will be making changes as time goes on.  We will not be doing much advertising so please tell your friends.  If you would like to be involved in the website, give me a call Dan 602-303-1003.

To tell you a little bit about our website, we are dedicated to raising awareness and connectivity between pet owners and animal lovers and interested people in the community.  Pets have their own home pages where you can post a bio, pics, videos and stories.  The main focus of the website will be to find lost pets, and help with adoption and fostering.  There is a services section where there is veterinarians, spay/neuter clinics, dog groomers, trainers, walkers, sitters, pet photography, yard maintenance and more.  There is social pages with chat and messaging, links to all kinds of stuff, helpful hints, news, coupons and more.  There is a merchandise section where you can buy pet related goodies.

This website is 100% about pets and animals.  We kindly ask that we keep the website all about pets.  There are plenty of social networking sites out there for people.  This is why we created a website for pets.  We know it is kind of silly, but we think it can be tons of fun.  It’s for the people out there (like myself) that like to post pics, videos and stories about their pets.  We hope it will brighten up your day and bring a smile to your face.

If you have a lost or found pet or adoption or fostering situation you can create posts on this website. Also please post on Facebook, there are several groups for lost/found pets, adoption and fostering. Click on these links to go to the group you need.

  1. Lost Pets Of Phoenix
  2. Lost Dogs Of Arizona
  3. Lost Dogs Arizona
  4. Lost Dogs In Arizona
  5. Lost or Found Dogs
  6. Lost, Found, And For Adoption Valley Pets Of Arizona
  7. Lost & Found Dogs, Cats and Other Pets of Phoenix, AZ
  8. Saving Arizona Dogs – Lost, Found, In need
  9. Adoption & Fostering Pets Of Arizona
  10. Arizona Senior Dogs, Lost, Found And In Need
  11. StraydarAz: Lost & Found/Rehoming/Adoption
  12. Also post on Nextdoor.com, which a pet-friendly community website where there are lost/found pets on there everyday.
  13. Put an ad on Craigslist in the pet services and community pets sections.
  14. Put fliers up in your neighborhood with pictures and information about your pet.
  15. Always check local rescues and animal hospitals, the computer chips they put in animals are very helpful. Doing all these things will give you the best chance of finding your pet, finding the owner or finding a home for the pet.